Waxing- Soft,Hard,Sugar and Dermaplaning

Discontinue the use of any topical antibiotics, retinols, and exfoliating acids four to five days prior to waxing. Hair growth is best roughly two weeks after shaving/depilatories, depending on the speed of growth. For best results, shower and exfoliate before the appointment and keep skin clear of lotion.









Full Face


Half Arm


Full Arm


Under Arm


Lower Leg


Full Leg


Basic Bikini


Yikes Bikini


Ladies Brazilian

$60 &up



1/2 face $45


Full face $55

 *Schedule permitting

NOTE: We cannot wax or dermaplane if you have been using Accutane, Retin A, or any other retinol products, or if you are sunburned, or if you are recovering from a recent laser or acid peel.