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Hello and welcome to Infusion SkinSpa of Redding, where healthy skin begins!
We're dedicated to helping you peel away the years and maintain your skin's natural health and beauty.

Infusion Skin Spa

Where healthy skin begins!

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Tina Elkins dermaresponse Skin Care and Spa

Tina Elkins - Owner

I'm Tina, a licensed aesthetician and small business owner with nearly twenty years in the skin spa industry, specializing in anti-aging and acneic treatment. I've built an excellent reputation around continuous learning and cutting edge treatment options that suit your skin and your lifestyle. Knowledge in multiple areas of clinical skin care and a highly personalized approach ensures you get not only a luxurious experience but the wisest choice of treatment for your skin. My line-up of organic skin care and clinical product and natural makeup is proven and affordable. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have entrusted me with many of their clients. Come in for an expert consultation and you'll see why.

Tara Crupi Infusion SkinsSpa Makeup Artist

Tara Crupi - Esthetician, Makeup Artist

I've been a photographer for 20 years, and a makeup artist for the past 10 years. Through these mediums I've come to realized that my true passion and gift in life is helping others to feel good about themselves. Being an Esthetician fits in with that passion on a very powerful level. I myself struggled with my skin for years before becoming an Esthetician so I know how hard that can be. Now I have the knowledge to help others with their skin and I am finding out how rewarding it is to help people to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Hours: Mon-Fri 9-, Fri-Sat 9-5, Sun By appointment

Lisa Haynes Infusion SkinsSpa Esthetician

Lisa Haynes - Esthetician

Let me introduce myself; my name is Lisa Haynes, an Esthetician for 8 years. Throughout these 8 years I have developed an expertise in Hungarian Facial Massage, waxing, and healing the skin from within. I take pride in providing each of my clients a unique experience and tailoring each one specifically for his or her individual needs. In my treatment room I personally focus on a therapeutic environment while providing treatments and products with visual results. My passion for skin care, health and well being is shown through each service I provide.

Hours: Monday-Friday; By Appointment

Ashley Infusion SkinsSpa Massage Therapist

Ashley Houchin - Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is Ashley. I'm a certified massage therapist and I have a true passion for health and preventative care. I believe in helping my clients relax and be pampered while at the same time ridding the body of tension, spasms, and trigger points in the joints and muscles. I am trained in multiple massage modalities, but I specialize in Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and prenatal massage. Every client is different and I use a combination of modalities in each massage depending on client needs and level of discomfort. All of my lotions and oils are organic, clean, and free of chemicals or synthetic ingredients. I love incorporating essential oils and cold/heat therapy into my treatments in order to boost the immune system, soften the muscles, and increase the effectiveness of each massage. Chiropractors and acupuncturists entrust and refer many of their patients to me for pain and tension relief. I am very passionate about massage therapy and I want to make massage an affordable and valuable part of my clients' wellness plans. I would love the opportunity to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Hours: Monday-Friday: 9-6 Saturday by appointment only

Julia Warner Infusion SkinsSpa Massage Therapist

Julia Warner - Massage Therapist

I have worked as a massage therapist for the last 9 years. I am passionate about the power of touch and the healing that it can bring both physically and emotionally. I bring the knowledge of relaxing Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Soft Tissue Release, trigger point therapy, as well as active isolated stretches to each session. I incorporate high quality essential oils into each massage and offer prayer when appropriate. I work with each person individually based on their needs.

I also have a background in hospice, geriatric and oncology massage. I have worked with specific chronic and terminal illnesses to bring comfort and pain relief. The release of stress and fear can bring so much healing to the patient and caregiver. I look forward to serving you.

INFUSION SkinSpa uses state of the art equipment and products
to bring you a safe, relaxing spa experience.

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